'Mind for Sport - The toolbook for sports Psychology' David Doig

All the techniques with the minimum of psychobabble or theory. What you need to produce the winning mindset.

Hypnosis CD's available direct from David. All cost £7.99 each or £6.50 each (plus £1.50 postage) if more than one purchased at any one time. email
(If for any reason you are unsatisied with the CDs please return them within 7 days for a full refund on the CD)

  • 'Motivation for Achievement' - an effective way to relax and find the motivation to achieve in your sport or even your life, as you choose what it is you want to achieve.

  • 'Set your Trigger' - set your trigger to feel calm relaxed but ready to achieve your potential in any situation. Triggers are how the sub concious mind acts in certain situations, so get it to act for you now!

  • Weight Loss - this is a series of 6 CDs, mix and match or use the full program which ever suits you.
    • 'The weight loss program' - eat small amounts regularly and enjoy each mouthful, whilst still loosing weight.
    • 'Weight Control' - set your body and mind controls for the best chance to continue loosing that weight.
    • 'Escape from Food' - any specific foods that you see as 'problem' foods, the ones you just can't resist. Escape from their hold now.
    • 'Exercise Motivation' - The other side of the equation is activity. As life goes on we make excuses for the lack of it, now make excuses for doing it.
    • 'Hypnotic Gastrict Band' - feel your stomach shrink to match the small amounts you can eat regularly, but in a safe pain free way.
    • 'Letting Go' - Allow yourself to let go of past issues and be free to look forward to the future. Make life an adventure.

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief
    • Airship letting Go - Relax and enjoy letting go of the past and taking control of the future. Look forward to new adventures.
    • Waterfall Relaxation - relax and wash away the stresses of life and let go of every little irration even if just for a while.

  • Sleep - Allow yourself to relax and drift into a deep and wonderful sleep every night. This CD allows you to relax without having to worry about waking at the end until you are completely ready for yourself.
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