Sports Psychology
 What is Sports Psychology and Why use it?


Sports Psychology is really another way to allow you the athlete to be completely comfortable with yourself and your performance. A way to look at how you perform and how you can perform better, until you reach the level of performance you are happy with, whether that is running a local half marathon, or standing on the top step of an international event.

It is like training your body and like learning skills and tactics. Some of it we do naturally and some of it has to be learned, and trained regularly to allow it to be there when you need it.

It is being self aware, having beliefs and goals that drive you forward. It is being focussed from the beginning to the end, it is preparation to be that focussed. It is also how your 'other' life outside of the sport affects your sport. It is psyching up or down, relaxation, learning, and so much more.

All of which is taking you towards that point where you can be completely at one with yourself within your sport, in the ZONE!

Why use it? Because you deserve to not only be your best in your sport but through your life as well.

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