Self Belief

What do you really believe about yourself and your ability to achieve?

Did you realise that it is you that is the only person standing in the road of you achieving.

Yes, there are people who are out there that put us down, that tell us we will never reach the targets we have set ourselves, that we are not the right size, fitness, skillful, the right mind set, BUT who is the one who has to 'believe' it to affect your performance? To affect the way you train and compete?

You may think they are only saying these things to drive you forward, but when does negativity ever work in the long term to make something better?

No! you have to believe in yourself before it all works for you.

You have to have affirmative beliefs that drive you forward, that let you know you can achieve, and you will achieve.

Check your Beliefs System

Ask yourself if I achieve my goals

  • What will I gain?

  • What will I lose? (yes lose, because we all feel we will lose something iof we gain our ultimate goals)

Also ask If I do not even try for my goals

  • What will I lose?

  • What will I gain / keep?

Be truthful with yourself and see what it reveals.

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