Goals (or Dreams)

What's the difference between a Goal and a Dream?

A Dream is something that we would like to happen and we can picture but that dissappears every morning as we waken (or every time we stop day dreaming).

A Goal is that dream written down in a way that reminds you every day why you push yourself. It is something that is bright and wonderful, loud and clear, that is truly motivational. However if that was all it was you could still call it a dream.

It is also the plan that is in place to achieve that goal, each step a small goal that you can celebrate success or learn from and improve from. It is the actions that take you towards that goal, it is a daily reminder of what life is about for you. It is there to be Enjoyed in both the good times and the hard times.

Goals are so much more and they are something we should all have in every area of our lives.

It is proven that people who set written goals and plans are more successful than those that don't.

Learning and Implementing

We all learn and improve don't we?

However, what happens when we reach the plateau? When no matter how hard we try to improve others are always there slightly ahead of us.

What most people have a tendancy to do is Practice what they enjoy, isn't that why we are in the sport in the first place, to enjoy ourselves? To repeat what is already good.

How quickly will this make you better?

Learning is on many levels

  • It is understanding what we already do well

  • It is realising that there areas that we see as weaknesses or as I like to look upon them, learning points.

  • It is being able to prioritise these into – what will help me most

  • It is the motivation to train what is hard

  • It is the ability to review.

So make sure you are reviewing and learning all the time. You can then enjoy even more!



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